Siddhi Parimal Mandir

With the unique, matchless expertise in fragrance creation and a passionate commitment towards providing the customers with an experience of a lifetime; they present to you Siddhi Parimal Mandir.

Siddhi Parimal Mandir is a one stop store bringing to you the best of fragrance products from the unsurpassed leaders in the industry. Discover an array of handpicked products and accessories associated with prayer requirements.

Be a part of a legacy that has been handed over from generation to generation. Explore the world of amazingly divine and heavenly range, from popular, traditional classics to modern and contemporary Agarbatties; Prayer Packs for various types of Pooja-Prayer Essentials.

Our Mission of Spreading Happiness Everywhere through….Incenses!!!

Take a look to our business fundamentals

Unique Fragrances

Each fragrance is thoroughly tested in-house and with customer trials for marketability

Quality Assurance

We are Certified Carbon Neutral Manufacturer


We use purest ingredients obtained directly from the source

Natural materials

We use natural materials that are Generally Recognised As Safe